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Product Description Olicoop is the youngest brand from agro seville. It is excellent value for money and comes in a wide range of formats that are adapted to the markets of each country. Olicoop offers a basic ingredient for the shopping trolley and is targeted at consumers who are looking for a functional product with the guarantee of agro seville. Olives have many phenolic compounds which have multiple positive health benefits. They are very good source of vitamin E, a proven vitamin with potential antioxidant property. In spite of being known as high in fat, the fat composition of olive oil is unique and imparts many benefits to reduce the risk of cardiovascular health. Olives have been known to posses anti inflammatory, cancer preventive and cardiac protective benefits it is very bitter as a natural fruit. Olives are a very good source of antioxidants, vitamins. About the Product .Pitted olives cut in transversal segments of a relatively uniform thickness .Fresh and nutritional .Product of Spain

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