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Olicoop green stuffed olives are flavored olives stuffed with pimento paste. This Olives are bitter in taste, pimento is added in the olives to make them more palatable. Features: Rich source of essential dietary fiber. Loaded with essential fats. Contains oleic acid and natural polyphenols. Very good source of vitamins like Vitamin E. Anti-inflammatory and cardioprotective properties. Cancer preventing feature. Extremely rich source of iron, potassium, sodium etc. Health Benefits of Green Stuffed Olives: Eliminates extra cholesterol from the blood and controls blood pressure. Protects cell from oxidative stress and boosts Immunity. Vitamin E prevents blood clot and ensures smooth functioning of blood. Enhances reproductive system. Oleic acid protects the heart from several heart problems. Reduce your appetite, stimulates the production of a chemical that burns fat and can support your weight loss efforts. Can reduce the risk of cancer and tumor. Can improve your memory and reduce the risk of degenerative disorders. Helps to maintain healthy skin. Ingredients: Olives, water, pimento paste, salt , acidity regulator.
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