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Real Thai lemongrass wok sauce is combined with ingredients like lemongrass, lime and spice making it really delicious. It’s tastes great along with chicken, seafood, prawns or vegetables. It blends well with almost all dishes. This is a ready-to-use sauce which is flavoured with lemongrass making it a perfect marinade for meats, poultry and vegetables.


1. Made with all natural ingredients.

2. It can be used in any dishes or also as a marinade.

3. A ready to use sauce which is easy and convenient to use.

Care Instructions:

Store in a cool, hygienic, dry place and protect from direct sunlight. Keep in storage after opening.

How to Use:

1. You can use it to make Thai by stir-frying rice noodles and fresh ingredients such as tofu, chicken, shrimp, egg, and vegetables.

2. The Thai sauce is added in slowly added in a little bit at a time to give the noodles a chance to absorb the flavour.

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